Nox Archaist: Quadraphonic Surround Soundtrack

Nox Archaist tracklist webpage

Completely remixed in discrete Quadraphonic surround!! Some tracks had over 200 elements, so it was a major undertaking.

The result is an immersive journey through the land of Wynmar: with game content, story points, battles, and adventuring portrayed in a surround environment.

NOX ARCHAIST a project by 6502 Workshop

2.4 gigabyte zip file with 24/96 FLAC lossless audio available on BANDCAMP for $10

Quad download link provided in the "bonus item", as Bandcamp doesn't support multichannel audio yet.

Here's what Critics are saying about The Nox Archaist Soundtrack:

" Electric Moo's Nox Archaist Soundtrack gets 5 swords !! " -Scribe of Lord Estintar

" A most exhilarating musical work !! " -Nox Styx, Caretaker of the Great Library of Nourtheld Castle

" Almost as impressive as "Escape from Vacous, the Musical !! " -Lord Hraakvar

" It's an abomination !! my jester could do better !! " -Margrave Rohan of Bayport

" The laugh out loud, feel good, entertainment event of the season !! " -Enwar, The Everton Town Crier

" I'd have preferred more chanting, but otherwise it was very fulfilling " -Novice Cultist

" Bah! Sounds like some rubbish Elder Groldrom would listen to !! " -Elder Thormeg

" Chain mail adds a delicate texture, but plate armor gives me indigestion " -A. Giant

" Hrumph! Sounds like something Elder Thormeg would listen to !! " -Elder Groldrom

" I especially liked the stormy bits " -Vazarath

" A Masterpiece !! " -Nox Ffred