Nox Archaist: A Soundtrack

Nox Archaist tracklist webpage

A 55 minute semi-ambient soundtrack, designed to compliment the gameplay of Nox Archaist. Incorporating various game elements and story points, it works well if you loop it while playing the game

The Soundtrack MP3's are INCLUDED if you buy a copy of the game:

NOX ARCHAIST a project by 6502 Workshop

if you like the music, consider buying the Lossless CD/Hires FLAC files on BANDCAMP for $5. Thanks for the support.

Here's what Critics are saying about The Nox Archaist Soundtrack:

" Electric Moo's Nox Archaist Soundtrack gets 5 swords !! " -Scribe of Lord Estintar

" A most exhilarating musical work !! " -Nox Styx, Caretaker of the Great Library of Nourtheld Castle

" Almost as impressive as "Escape from Vacous, the Musical !! " -Lord Hraakvar

" It's an abomination !! my jester could do better !! " -Margrave Rohan of Bayport

" The laugh out loud, feel good, entertainment event of the season !! " -Enwar, The Everton Town Crier

" I'd have preferred more chanting, but otherwise it was very fulfilling " -Novice Cultist

" Bah! Sounds like some rubbish Elder Groldrom would listen to !! " -Elder Thormeg

" Chain mail adds a delicate texture, but plate armor gives me indigestion " -A. Giant

" Hrumph! Sounds like something Elder Thormeg would listen to !! " -Elder Groldrom

" I especially liked the stormy bits " -Vazarath

" A Masterpiece !! " -Nox Ffred